'Gedeon' coffee bar - April 2013

After CAG was able to buy different kind of goods (including an industrial fridge for drinks), Gedeon Coffee will be opening in April in Colombia. It has an excellent location for drivers who want to stop by and eat something and also for people who are passing by the area. The coffee shop will be selling arepas (corn tortillas), hot dogs, cold and warm drinks, fresh juices, etc. Here are some more details about the coffee bar:
  • Some of the teenagers and adults who are part of the foundation will be working In the coffee shop. They will combine their shifts at the coffee shop with their studies.
  • Part of the benefits from the coffee shop will be assigned to the foundation as well as to pay for salaries for the youths who will be working there. The idea is to help them start to be able to manage a business and being self-sufficient.

Sending and buying clothes, shoes, hygiene products, medicines and toys - 2012/13

Whenever a friend was travelling to Colombia, we have always tried to send a piece of luggage in which we would include what was needed the most at the time. CAG has always tried its best to improve these children’s life by sending clothes, shoes, toothpaste, soap, bandages, basic drugs and a few toys. Very often, CAG has also sent money to Colombia so that our volunteers there could by whatever was needed.

School bus - October 2012

Thanks to a donation we have solved one of the biggest problems that CAG has had: safe transport for the children to take them to school. Donations have allowed us:
  • To repair and kit out a minibus which had been previously donated but needed to be repaired and due to a lack of funds and having nobody to drive the bus we had not been able to make any use of the bus before. 
  • One of the over 18s, César Augusto Arias Isaza passed his driving test and got his driving licence and will now be able to drive the children safely to school every day.
  • The new vehicle will also be able to be rented out for hire at weekends so that César Augusto can be paid for his hard work as a driver as well as providing some funds for the Foundation ( which will enable the people of the Foundation to become gradually more self sufficient and to generate some of their own income).