CAG has many things to celebrate and yet much more to achieve. That's why we are very excited and proud to held our first Charity Gala Reception on December 13th in Central London.
Funds raised will be use to finance our current and future projects such as:
  • Orchard planting and harvesting
  • Construction of first aid room
  • Counselling programs for abused children 
  • Specialised individual counselling for children suffering from drug addictions.
  • And last but not least, help paying all the basic monthly expenses (food, water, electricity and gas). On a monthly basis CAG carries out events and fundraising activities in order raise funds to cover the basic day to day needs at the orphanage (around £5000 per month), unfortunately we often straggle to raise the full amount as result on various occasions water, electricity and gas had been disconnected.

These are some of the things happening on the GALA:

  • Folkloric group Yuruparí will be dancing with their beautiful traditional costumes. Local dancers and musicians will showcase folk dances and songs from Colombia and other Latin American countries. 
  • Items to be auctioned: Colombian masks.
  • We will be also auctioning two paintings of the famous Colombian artist Jose María Ocre.
  • Live conference call with the director of the Centre in Pereira. She will be talking about the positive impact that CAG has made on the Orphanage for the past year and also how's the situation at the moment.
  • Colombian singer and composer Alberto Ramón will be playing some of his songs. Alberto Ramón is the author of the winner song 'ratón y queso' leading theme of the 'Cartel de los sapos' series.
  • CAG will be officialy launching the 'Sponsor a child' programme which allow you to become part of our family and project.
If you use Facebook, please find us (Child Action Group), click 'like' and the option that say that you will attend to the Charity Gala Event. By doing this you will be helping us to create more repercussion for the event and for CAG in general.
Please feel free to forward this information to people who you think might be interesting in attending the event. CAG has been working for just a year and it would be great if more people could get involved with what we do.

For more information please contact us: