Our experience in Pereira

We discovered the Altagracia (Pereira) children’s home by accident. During our journey through Colombia we were told about it and we decided, strengthened by the certainty that coincidences don’t happen by chance, to contact the Association in order to organize a visit there. Almost immediately we received a reply from Estela, one of the people who look after the project in Colombia. The very next day we visited the home together with Estela and two other volunteers, Aura and Efigenia who gave us their time and enthusiasm in order to tell us the history of the project, the things that had been achieved as well as the limitations that they had encountered. 

We reached the home and the first thing we noticed was the wonderful location, surrounded by green fields. We then met Rubiela who together with her husband look after the home and ensure that the name home is merited and that it’s not just a refuge but a place where the children can feel loved and can develop in familiar surroundings. Meeting Rubiela was a chance to renew our faith in humanity because in her, we saw a captivating force moved by concrete values for the common good and love of others. The home, despite being in need of many material things is a clean and decent place, where the boys and girls, that currently number more than 60, can live their childhood protected from violence and rejection. Rubiela told us something that made us think: With her work she hopes to break the chain of hatred which generates more hatred and violence in her country. Only with love can the children be freed from the hatred and thus from the tragic chain that takes so many innocent lives.

We are determined to help Child Action Group and the Alagracia home because we believe in this project and we know that it is in good hands. We hope that many more people will join the project and form links of solidarity in order to give these children the life that they deserve.

Xavier Molins and Carme Corretgé