Nancy Mu
CAG member

Whenever I visit my home city of Pereira in Colombia I use some of my holiday to do some kind of charity work and this is exactly how ten years ago I came across a small rather ordinary house where around 30 children were living. So I decided to knock on the door and was greeted by Rubiela, the person who took it on herself alongside her husband to deliver this project to help abandoned children and to do so with such love and dedication.

I was greeted with open arms and told the story of each child's journey to this new Home where they would be properly fed, given shelter and above all receive some much needed love.  When I saw the project for myself I got hooked and immediately wanted to get really involved and that's what I've been doing ever since I returned to London and told everyone about what I had seen. A great friend of mine kindly donated some premises which would allow the children to be better looked after and from there in Altagracia we started to make progress with what is now known as 'Gedeones en acción' Foundation.

So alongside my friends Cristina and Nena we organised some events to raise money and help with some of the most urgent needs of the children to enable the project to maintain between 70 and 80 children and to establish a Charity in London which we would christen Child Action Group which would work to a common aim of esnuring the wellbeing of the children and young people alongside the Friends in Action Goup in Pereira all striving to create a better future for all of them.

We can't do all this alone and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Nancy Mu