One of the main purposes of CAG is to introduce our Centre in Pereira so that people become aware of its existence, its young and teenage boys and girls as well as setting out what is going be needed to help the Centre to flourish and to share the milestones of its development and progress. With these aims in mind and spurred on by our drive, many people have decided to pay the children a visit bringing to life the whole project as well as giving visitors the time of their lives. Here are just some of their testimonies and impressions.

This is what we do in London

This is the result we get in Pereira

Our experience in Pereira

We discovered the Altagracia (Pereira) children’s home by accident. During our journey through Colombia we were told about it and we decided, strengthened by the certainty that coincidences don’t happen by chance, to contact the Association in order to organize a visit there. Almost immediately we received a reply from Estela, one of the people who look after the project in Colombia. The very next day we visited the home together with Estela and two other volunteers, Aura and Efigenia who gave us their time and enthusiasm in order to tell us the history of the project, the things that had been achieved as well as the limitations that they had encountered. Read more

Nancy Mu
CAG member

Whenever I visit my home city of Pereira in Colombia I use some of my holiday to do some kind of charity work and this is exactly how ten years ago I came across a small rather ordinary house where around 30 children were living. So I decided to knock on the door and was greeted by Rubiela, the person who took it on herself alongside her husband to deliver this project to help abandoned children and to do so with such love and dedication. I was greeted with open arms and told the story of each child's journey to this new Home where they would be properly fed, given shelter and above all receive some much needed love.  Read more

During my holidays which I spent in Colombia  in June of 2011 I decided to do some charity work helping some economically deprived families. I realised through a familiy member that there was an orphanage on the outskirts of Pereira . I got in contact with Nancy Mu, who has been helping the children of this orphanage for a number of years and she put me in contact with Rubiela and Jaime, the founders of the the Gedeones en Acción Orphanage. Read more